Spring News 2016: ByLassen


The past couple of seasons have mostly been about line extensions and smaller things from ByLassen, not majorly exciting, except from the relaunch of the Tired Man. Finally they are launching something far more exciting than matchbox covers and leather straps, something completely new and unexpected from ByLassen, an earthenware vase collection, called Rimm. Most of ByLassen’s products are designed by either Mogens or Flemming Lassen, but not this time – Rimm is purely ByLassen. Well done!


With an underplayed elegance, Rimm is a series of vases and flowerpots that stand on the shoulders of the exceptional Nordic tradition of artisanship, ceramics and functional design. Both flowerpots and vases have the same stringent, modernistic form and expression with a beautifully defined rim of varying heights that acts as a frame-like central motif, hence the name. Decorative elements are achieved as a result of a focus on materials and handcraft, while a subtle yet exclusive colour scheme ensures that the plant’s greener elements gain maximum attention. I would not hesitate clicking home a few of these new vases home when they are in stores end of February.



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