Spring News 2016: Kähler

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There are new stripes on a very famous vase this coming spring, not really something I want to spend too much time on, but to be honest, I think this subtle mother of pearl tone-in-tone version probably is the best version so far.

How Kähler keeps pushing all these new products through the system is beyond me and they do not disappoint this season either.

Bungalow5_Spring News 2016_Kähler_Omaggio Pearl 1

Favourite this season, easy! Without a doubt the raw and very Nordic table stoneware designed by Anders Arhøj for Kähler. I love the colours, the rawness and the uniqueness of the collection. The collection is called Ombria, which means shadow or contrast, which was the starting point of the stoneware’s expression. Bright and shadow, mat and polished, narrow and wide, light and heavy, masculine and feminine – I simply love it. Well-done Anders. Well-done Kähler.

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Also worth a bit of attention is the new Fugato, a wireless speaker. A speaker created in ceramics (of course) combined with light woods and a leather strap. This is not the most masculine speaker I have seen, quite the contrary, however, I think, for the bathroom or kitchen; this would be a wonderful addition to the décor.

Bungalow5_Spring News 2016_Kähler_Fugato Creamy White 1

Other news are an all new tableware collection designed by Cecilie Manz and more for the very beautiful Hammershøi collection including a whole new cutlery set.

Bungalow5_Spring News 2016_Kähler_Kaolin 1 Bungalow5_Spring News 2016_Kähler_Hammershøi Cutlery 1

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