Spring News 2016: Normann Copenhagen


I went by the Normann Copenhagen store the other day, I wanted to have a closer look at their spring news, which you can already order online or in their store. The Normann Copenhagen collection have just grown and grown the last couple of years, which means that they don’t have space in their concept store in Copenhagen for other things than their own now. Of course that’s pretty awesome, though I really enjoyed visiting their store, as they have always had such a good eye for the best in decor – a very well curated store, but that’s all history now.



Sophisticated and dreamy. Luxurious and daring. The new 2016 collection draws attention to colour, texture and shape. I really like how Normann Copenhagen is taking a step in another direction with their catalogue, full of saturated colours and highlighted tactile qualities kindle ones senses while spacious environments, clever framing and hidden faces intrigues you.

Favourites among the new 2016 collection includes the new very comfy modular Rope couch designed Hans Hornemann, the all black and white Bell lamps and the new pillow collection Line.




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