Stripy Walls are Like the Iconic Tee, It Will Never Go Out of Style

Stripes will never go out of style. For decades fashion experts have been telling us how striped clothing will slim us down or even make us broader, and the same principle applies to wallpaper. Stripes are a great way of accentuating height or making rooms appear wider or taller.

A stripy pattern is perfect if you want to bring a subtle Scandinavian simplicity to your home. They can undoubtedly be used in any room, on almost any piece of furniture and on the walls, as they match wonderfully with other patterns without taking over. Just look at how amazing it looks with the terrazzo counter above. Whether you prefer pinstripes or classic stripes, there is a style for you and your home – today I’ll give you a quick rundown of the different stripes to cover your walls.

Classic stripes are uncomplicated and classy! They are found in all sizes, thin or thick in basically any color. Classic stripes are extremely versatile and can literally be use in any room.

Pinstripe wallpaper has thin lines, usually positioned close to one another. The pinstripe originates from the men’s pinstripe suits. And just like a pinstripe suit can make any man look very elegant and handsome, it will give any room great character.

Horizontal stripes create the illusion of a larger room. I’d say use them on the end wall of a study or small bathroom.

Photography by Ferm Living, Stephan Julliand, Sandberg

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