Studio Arhoj Design Store

It is really amazing what a little ceramic ghost with eyes, a lot of ideas and being a total badass working hard every day can do for you. Anders Arhøj is the man! Last week he hosted a little housewarming to his new, airy and beautiful new studio, which will also serve as a little store, where you’ll find a lot of cool unique pieces.

It’s actually very rare to be able to experience genuine Danish craftsmanship and production right in the heart of Copenhagen. At Studio Arhoj they want people to come and see all the stages of production, including firing kilns, glazing ceramics and working at the potter’s wheel.

What started in a little studio is now a huge spacious space with lots of room to invite people in to experience the work of Studio Arhoj.

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    May 30, 2016 at 22:53

    Wow that really looks like a creative and inspiring place!

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