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It’s Sunday again, thank you for checking in. Here is everything I pinned this week.


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Old school* yes, but still ideal for city hikes or walks along the beach

Ripple Rhapsody…. a taste of summer, yum

and for when you are just extremely thirsty

Got a glimpse of this daybed in Gothenburg this week, very handsome

Timeless, Danish design* for the wrist, I love it.

Perfect for shelfies* – and its one of my favorites too (pssst: its on sale)

The home of one of Norway’s finest modern designers

Must have as one of your daily basics

This song, because it just makes me in a very good mood, every time

Not to forget, one to follow on Instagram


F R O M  T H E  A R C H I V E S

Last week – The 4 Indoor Plants You Want In A Darker Room

Last month – I really would love to see these 6 Midcentury Danish Design Back in Production

Back in 2017 – Great tips if you want Your Home To Look Like The Home Of An Interior Blogger

Back in 2016 – There is only 5 simple rules for a nice bedroom


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