Stunning Peek Inside the new Menu Catalogue You Want to Move Into

I made it to LA, this just for a quick week, it was super nice to get back and step into my little new office – it even got a few updates while I was gone, which I will show on IG stories if you are interested this weekend. As you probably remember, if not, take a look of the makeover here, I got a lot of Danish design including a whole lot from one of my favorite Danish brands, Menu. Flipping through their catalogue is like being a kid checking of everything you want in a toy catalogue, I literally want almost every piece of theirs. Their new catalogue is also stunning, they have really stepped up the game, even though their style is very recognizable, I really enjoy the updates they have done.

While most of their new pieces this season is updates on previous pieces, i.e. new colors and materials, they still manage to show them in a new and very inspiring setting. Biggest news, is the Knitting Chair designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen in 1951 , you might remember his name from one of my favorite chairs, the Pinguin chair. I am not the biggest fan of the knitting chair, but that doesn’t make it less remarkable, and I really love seeing more of Ib’s work come back into life.

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