Subtle Colors For Autumn With Alvar Aalto

Slow living. Slow Sundays. To me Sundays usually means redecorating – and today I have been getting a bit ready for the new season. When the calendar starts to point at autumn again, our home deserves a visual update to align with this special season. The colors of summer give way to autumn’s subtle color palette and an overall cozy atmosphere moves in.

One of the things I am very happy with, though it is a smaller thing, is my new Alvar Aalto vases. I love the color, the heaviness of the glass and the fact that I don’t need a whole lot of flowers to fill them up – even without they look nice.

In more than 80 years has the iconic Aalto vase by iittala been part of the décor worldwide. It might be the most recognized vase of all times. The new collection is new variations of Alvar’s original glass collection from 1936 – so elegant and a great addition to any home I think. As everything else from iittala, the new collection is produced on iittala’s own glassworks in the town iittala in Finland.

As you might have spotted already, the new collection also includes a small glass bowl.

Pictures by Allan Torp


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