Summerhouse Styling with ATBO



This past week and the coming couple of weeks are the holiday weeks for most people in Denmark. Everyone who owns a summerhouse obviously spend some of the time there, if not all of it. Even though it is not super hot in Denmark these days, it is always nice to just unwind and relax, get away from their busy everyday life.

I teamed up with Danish shelving company ATBO styling their units in my mom’s summerhouse. I picked their cheaper, yet super nice, untreated plywood units, as I think this is a perfect fit to get the right summerhouse feeling.



All ATBO shelves are handmade and assembled in Denmark. Even the plywood units are finger joint and come with everything, ready to hang on the wall or place directly on the floor – like I did.

The shelving system comes is a long range of woods and colours, just take a look at their webshop to find your favourite.

This option is also perfect for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on shelving, but still want high quality and great design. I think this is a perfect system for ones first real home away from the parents.



Photo and styling: Allan Torp, – made in collaboration with ATBO, the words, opinions and images are made by us.

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