Swedese’s Newest Launch Is a Very Promising Step in the Right Direction

Honestly, I do not keep up with the Swedish brands (or Norwegian for that matter) as I want too. Once again, I can thank my friend Therese Sennerholt for keeping me up to date. Swedish design brand Swedese just launched, like everyone else at Stockholm Furniture Fair, their newest designs – and with that new images. Art directed by Therese and styled by Tina Hellberg.

Swedese is not a brand I would normally give much attention, as it is, to me at least, a little bit date. For year they have relied on their biggest commercial success, the Lamino Chair, and maybe been mostly focused on the contract market (meaning offices etc.).

Since 1945 Swedese has designed and produced furniture in Sweden characterized by its classic and organic shapes. A sensual vase, circular mirrors and trays, stacked and very sculptural lamps are just some of the new designs making up the new collection. A new, very modern, collection, which certainly got my attention.

The company’s zen new campaign, shot by Swedish photographer Erik Lefvander, shines a spotlight on the versatile and crafted assortment, which also includes a new mirror, design by Front, made of the cut-offs from the production of one of Swedese’s other designs. I hope this is only the first new and modern designs we will see from Swedese. Now I am intrigued and I want more.

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