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    Being Challenged to New Art Pieces

    I finally got around to hang some new pieces of art, I’ve honestly had a bunch standing on the floor in my hallway since I moved in – that’s 1,5 years…

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    The Kinfolk Artwork Series

    Tbh I am not the biggest fan of Kinfolk, well to be fair, I am not the biggest fan of the magazine, however everything else they are doing I really enjoy,…

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    My Sonic Editions’ Curated Collection

    I just love the old Hollywood glamour and I am such big fan of those great actors. We all have our heroes right. Some of my favorites are Paul Newman, James…


    Abstract construction cubism

    How is your weekend going? I have been cruising Palm Springs for Modernism Week, will have a few posts up next week for you guys. Today I want to share a…

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    Curated For Urban Spaces

    With the tagline curated for urban spaces Elise creates limited edition fine art prints out of her studio in Vancouver. She established Barclay Haro Art Concepts to carry out her creative…

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    10 Favourite Summer Vibe Prints

    Okay okay, I know you know that I am going to Los Angeles pretty soon. I wont stop talking about it anytime soon, so you better just embrace it. However, why…