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    Get the Design Hotel Feeling in Your Bedroom

    You might remember I repainted my bedroom last month, but I wanted more. After visiting so many great hotels for my upcoming Copenhagen hotel guide, I wanted to make my bedroom…


    Midnight in the Bedroom

    New Swedish brand Midnatt (midnight) is getting of to a great start with their newly launch collection of great basics for children and adults in organic cotton. Josephine Blix and Louisa…


    7 Simple Tips For A Hotel Bedroom

    I have made it into a habit every morning to make my bed. Before I get to my simple steps to achieve that great hotel bed and bedroom vibe I want,…


    sleep like you mean it

    Can you think of anything better than cuddle up with your duvet in bed on a rainy and cold autumn day? Today I am going to teach you a bit about…


    New Sheets?

    Last week on IG, I showed a picture of my bedroom (above) asking your advice on which new sheets I should get. I have had the same two sets for quite…


    Matteo Los Angeles

    Lokal produktion har altid stået højt på vores liste. Jeg gik en tur i DTLA og kom forbi Matteo. Et tekstil brand der producerer alt i Los Angeles. Matthew Lenoci startede…