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    The Sculptor’s Residence in Stockholm

    I just love Stockholm, I love the clean, crisp cold air, the many very well-kept historic buildings dating back 100s of years. When walking the streets, I always try to look…


    5 Lamps For The Perfect Autumn Mood

    It’s lamp season. There is almost nothing more important in your home at this time of year than good lights. When the season changes and we are moving towards darker times,…


    Menu PR Manager’s Private Kitchen

    If I hadn’t just moved into a rented apartment, I wouldn’t think twice before ordering a Reform kitchen, its on the very top of my wish list. Friend and PR manager…


    Portraits by Menu

    One of my favorite Danish brand Menu, have done wonders to their collection and style over the last couple of year, just released their newest pictures of the new collection. They…


    Refreshingly new news from Menu

    One of these best parts about January, other than the new year, new start part obviously, it is also the time for brands to show us what they have been working…


    MDW2016: Menu

    In just a few years Danish Menu went from being nothing else than grinders and candlelight holders to a fully ranged furniture and accessory brand. Today you can practically decorate your…