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    New Works Opens new Studio in Copenhagen

    The Danish design company New Works has, to me, always been standing in the shadow of the many other bigger and probably more well-known design brands, why is hard to say.…


    NorthModern Week: New Works

    Objects that use strong and honest materials to defy gravity, create mesmerising patterns, and emit a radiating inner glow; New Works continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art and design.…


    Let there be light

    Beautiful, sculptural and preferably industrial lamps are my top priority in my home these days. I love them and I would gladly save up for eventually spent all the money on…


    New Works, Objects of Copenhagen

    Hvis I troede at vi var færdige med nyheder, så kan I godt tro om igen. Jeg er i Stockholm til møbelmesse, og de mange udstillere vælter sig i nyheder. En…