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    NorthModern Week: New Works

    Objects that use strong and honest materials to defy gravity, create mesmerising patterns, and emit a radiating inner glow; New Works continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art and design.…


    NorthModern Week: Hagedornhagen

    On my walk around north modern the other day, I met with the Hagedornhagen guys, Mads & Anders. Guys I have been following from the very beginning of my blog journey,…


    NorthModern Week: Stelton

    They didn’t really present at north modern, but I still think Stelton deserves a little post, as I haven’t yet shared their latest collection, which was presented just before the summer…


    NorthModerns Week: ferm LIVING

    Home safe and sound. Sitting on a plane for 11 hours will never be my favourite cup of tea. Back in the real world, no more 35 degrees, no more sipping…


    NorthModern Week: Kähler

    This week is design week in Copenhagen, the annual northmodern is happening, which means a lot of cool new designs will surface and be shown at the fair. A few of…