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    Abstract construction cubism

    How is your weekend going? I have been cruising Palm Springs for Modernism Week, will have a few posts up next week for you guys. Today I want to share a…

  • ART

    Get The Gallery Vibe In Your Home

    Do you ever walk into an art gallery and think “This. This is exactly what I want my home to look like.” I do it every time I walk into an…

  • ART

    Wish you were here with Hagedornhagen

    It feels like we have grown bigger together, ever since the start of Bungalow5 I have followed the work of Mads Hagedorn-Olsen and Anders Morell Hagen, known as Hagedornhagen of course.…

  • ART

    New Posters

    Hanging a few clip-on picture frames makes it super easy to change the posters whenever you feel like it. It is probably the easiest way to change the look of your…


    Form of Love

    Jeg har et helt rum i mit hjem som nærmest ligner et galleri, dedikeret til et hav af prints og billeder – men man kan aldrig få nok! Der er altid…