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Spring News 2016


    Spring News 2016: ByLassen

    The past couple of seasons have mostly been about line extensions and smaller things from ByLassen, not majorly exciting, except from the relaunch of the Tired Man. Finally they are launching…


    Spring News 2016: Normann Copenhagen

    I went by the Normann Copenhagen store the other day, I wanted to have a closer look at their spring news, which you can already order online or in their store.…


    Spring News 2016: Menu

    I mean seriously? I remember when Menu was only some candleholders, which was a huge thing back in the late 90’s by the way (everyone had them), but today, they are…


    Spring News 2016: Kähler

    There are new stripes on a very famous vase this coming spring, not really something I want to spend too much time on, but to be honest, I think this subtle…


    Spring News 2016: ferm LIVING

    I know it’s early for y’all to start thinking about spring and summer, but reality is, that the new year means a lot of fairs, which also means a lot of…