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    The Ultimate Guide to Cape Town

    Illustration by louise haugaard nielsen for Bungalow5 Cape Town is spectacular. In Cape Town you’ll find a dynamic mix of culture, language and heritage. From the magnificence of the beaches (mind…


    One Perfect Day: 24 hrs in Paris

    One my of old friends asked me if I was up for a quick day trip to London, but I said I’d rather go to Paris, we ended up staying one…


    One Perfect Day: 24 hrs in Barcelona

    Besides Copenhagen of course, my favourite city in Europe might actually be Barcelona. With its cosmopolitan feel, relaxed pace of life, breath-taking architecture, fantastic gastronomy, and unbeatable climate, it really is…


    Casa Bonay, Barcelona

    Just after Milan I went on a five-day trip to Barcelona. A city that is quickly becoming one of my favourite cities, everything from the design and architecture scene to the…


    One perfect day: 24 hrs in Los Angeles

    I know, one perfect day in Los Angeles, is probably not even possible, as you would very likely spend majority of the day in your car in traffic. Anyhow, let’s pretend…

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    Escape to the Cape

    Det er ved at være frygtelig længe siden, at jeg tog turen til Cape Town. I det nyeste nummer #10 af Mad & Bolig har jeg kreeret hele 6 sider om…