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    2017 Trends: China: The New Scandinavia

    Knockoffs are no longer China’s (main) thing. The pioneering and populous nation is taking back the reins and instead of doing the groundwork for some of the worlds biggest brands, it’s…


    2017 Trends: Simpler, But Smarter Living

    Predicting what’s going to be big the coming year is always difficult, but I will give it my best anyway. For the past decade or so, good craftsmanship has been high…


    2016 Trends: Paint Effect

    So it is my last trend forecast for 2016. I hope you found some inspiration in this and that you are up for the challenge, I think we need just a…


    2016 Trends: Dark and Light

    We have always been obsessed with light, but we also need the dark for a healthy well-rested life. We have seen this trend happening on Instagram already – people going dark,…


    2016 Trends: that seventies show

    Trends give us a sense of where things are heading in the world around us, whatever field we’re in. They help us to make our choices and determine the direction we…