TAKT – the New Sustainable Danish Design Brand You Need To Know

Just the other day, a new Danish brand was launched, they are called TAKT, with a reference to everything tactile, something tangible as a quality piece of design furniture. It is also about being tactful taking care of the planet, which is just as high of a priority as creating the designs itself.

The first collection is created by Thomas Bentzen, PearsonLloyd, and Rasmus Palmgren. Each have they designed a chair with a uncompromising social and environmental sustainable approach, all unnecessary intermediary parties have been cut from the production keeping the chairs at a very low price.

All chairs are of course created in wood from sustainable forestry and delivered flat packed to minimize the CO2 emission during transportation. The entire lifecycle of the chairs has been environmental certificated: the forests get time to regenerate in its natural way, the animals living in the forest won’t be harmed and all workers are treated fairly. And as the chairs can be taken apart, damaged parts can be replaced and recycled. Needless to say, I am loving it. All brands should take note here, this is how it really should be.

All chairs are sold exclusively via TAKT and right now delivered to Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium, but the aim is to deliver worldwide.

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    April 14, 2019 at 13:42

    It really looks very well. Simplicity and lightness combined.

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