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I got an email yesterday, a reader told me she just booked a hotel in Madrid based on one of my reviews. She wanted to know if I had any suggestions for a great restaurant too. And I do. I just realised, I hadn’t posted anything about Tatel Madrid.

I went, as part of the Spanish Blogger Tour and was invited by Cosentino (a leading brand in the production of innovative surfaces for architecture and interior design). Tatel is a fairly new restaurant owned by three Spanish celebrities (among them Enrique Iglesias and Rafael Nadal), with Cosentino materials in the kitchen and in the restaurant.

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The interior of the restaurant is very nice, fully decked with great designs from brands like Gubi. I really love the use of the Beetle Chairs designed GamFratesi and the use of the marble surfaces everywhere. With interior like this, the food just tastes so much better. And the food was so good. Really. If you are ever in Madrid, visit Tatel Madrid.

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Photos © Allan Torp & Tatel Madrid

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