That Certain Something: 12 Hygge Homes Done Just Right

The Danish word hygge, is now officially also in the English dictionary. If you are not familiar with hygge already, here is my short, yet pretty accurate description. There is really no perfect translation, but if we really what a word, it roughly translates as coziness.

Quite often, or at least that’s what I often come across, is what hygge is and what people, not from any of the Scandinavian countries, think it is, very different. Honestly, its not rocket science. If you try too hard, it becomes forced. The trick is to do whatever comes naturally to you. There is no right or wrong to hygge. It is very real and alive, yet so difficult to explain (and maybe also to fully understand) to someone non-Scandinavian. Certainly a lit candle here and woolen sox helps a great deal, but hygge can be anything and anywhere.

While you might think hygge is only for the winter time curled up in a corner with a cup of tea, here are 12 homes and situations that are just as cozy during the summer.

Pictures via Kristofer JohnssonPetra Bindel, Fantastic FrankStadshemDaniella WitteKaterina Dima

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    July 12, 2017 at 06:52

    Beautiful pictures you found that captures hygge well. As a Scandinavian mix myself (Danish and Swedish) I think the best explanation of “hygge” when it comes to homes is that it is that feeling that invites you into a home, that makes it feel lived in and cozy, a feeling of relaxation and comfort that just simply is. For example my parent’s home has that feeling. It is not a super fancy, clean, modern home. Instead it is a home where living, enjoying, is put foremost. Pet hairs covering the furniture? Muddy paw prints on the floor? Coffee rings on the tables? Doesn’t matter in my parent’s home, since they and the home roll with it all. Thus, guest can relax completely and just…be.

    So many designer homes require you to be precious about things. For instance, don’t eat in the living room with the white sofa, don’t put down you coffee cup directly on the table or it will mark…

    In a home with hygge you don’t need to worry overly much. Just be and live.

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      July 13, 2017 at 23:55

      I totally agree. But still think that a clean more minimalistic home can be “hyggelig” too, don’t you? As soon as it gets too restricted, the “hygge” just goes away.

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