The 4 Indoor Plants You Want In A Darker Room

It might very well be the brightest time of the year right now, with days so long that we only see the sun. However, not all rooms might have big windows and lots of sun, so if you want a green friend in any room, you want to make sure to choose the right ones for the darker, less sunny rooms. Many makes the assumption that just because you have a dark room, you can’t have any plants – that’s very far from the truth.

Many plants thrive in darker rooms and even help clean the air. And he is 4 green, indoor plants for your darker rooms, which may not even have a window.


Scindapsus aureus is one of the easiest plants you can have. You can either place it high and let the hearth shape leaves hang towards the floor or place it, so the vines can grow upwards clinging to a shelf. It doesn’t need much water, it likes to dry out in fact, and the leaves easily tell you if it gets too little or too much sun (pale means too much sun, all green leaves with no yellow stripes, means too little).


Sansevieria (trifasciata ‘Black Coral’) might be even easier than the previous. And it cleans the air almost like no other plant and can grow up to a meter in height. It actually thrives in both full sun and dark corners. Water it too much and it dies, quickly. Throughout the summer you just water it once a week and in winter months once every 3rd weeks.


I really like Dieffenbachia as it has more structural and colorful leaves. It like a shower once in a while and will love you for it, as it originates from high humidity areas in South America. The color of the leaves will also tell you about its condition.


I remember the Spathiphyllum Mauna Loa (or its easier name; Peace Lily) from my childhood home, so I’ve had 30+ years to get to love it. It’s really old school in my book, but I like it anyway. This plant likes both a sunny spot or a darker corner – but it likes water, a lot of it.

//Photos via Greenify, AprilandMay, Pinterest

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