The Best Bedding Brands with Scandi Appeal

I am sure you have all heard it before, but facts are that we spend on average one third of our lives in bed. Just think about for a minute. A whole third! A may I just remind you, those extra 10/20 minutes you snooze everyday… they add up. Up to 4 extra days in bed a year to be exact. With that in mind, it really makes so much more sense to ensure that lying in bed should be as enjoyable as possible, am I right?

One thing is the bed. I’d always say, your bed is not where you should save your money. And almost just as important is the bedding, which should be comfortable, well-made, and look good even after multiple washings. It is in fact recommended you should wash your sheets – and other bedding – at least once every two weeks.

There are a ton of bedding options, I have rounded my favorite selection of high-quality brands that will keep you and your bed fashionable, cozy and cool year round.

Tekla Fabrics

It’s plain, stylish and great quality. Their color range is spot on with a light stonewash feel, from winter white to ocra brown, all will make your bed very fresh. Everything is 100% organic.


Is just light and airy. They quickly became one of the most popular luxury beddings in the LA. They stick to a limited range of colors inspired by the laid-back, sunlit nature of Venice Beach.


Piglet is durable and lightweight linen bedding.  It’s a simple, practical yet beautiful ethos that has inspired a range of naturally effortless and incredibly comfortable bedding.


A textile brand where everything is manufactured locally in Los Angeles. Their range is kept in very natural colors with a minimum of patterns. Great Scandi appeal.

Ordinary Things

Everything from the linen and the bottoms to the boxes it is delivered in, is organic, GOTS-certified or FSC certified. Its Danish design at its best: simple and made-to-last. Their bedding is all stonewashed linens in a range of very neutral colors.

Aiayu Bed Linen

You can be absolutely sure you’ll sleep with a clear conscience with Aiayu bedding. They are 100% organic, and fully GOTS-certified and makes sure their supply chain is sustainable as well. Their range is kept in a monochrome color range. They even have a five year free repair policy.

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