The Best Luxury Sarafi Lodge: Pondoro

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It is actually a little bit weird that I had to visit South Africa a mere 6 times before I went on a proper safari experience. Just before Christmas I travelled to Cape Town with my mom, and part of the trip was 3 nights at the great, luxury safari game lodge Pondoro. I just want to say, it was sort of a dream come through when the invitation came and all arrangements was finalized.

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Pondoro is 5 very unique luxurious lodges and 3 chalets, all with private patios overlooking the Olifants River. Only a few of the lodges are behind fences, which mean you have wildlife right outside your windows, and I mean right outside. One minute you have an entire monkey family sitting on your deck chairs looking at you taking a shower, the next 5 elephants are walking by on their way to the river. My mom and me stayed in the gorgeous Rock Suite, a great base for relaxation in between dinners and safaris of course.

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Pondoro is located in the Balule Nature Reserve, part of the great Kruger national park. Kruger is about 20.000 km2, pretty much same size as the state of New Jersey, and it is full of animals, 147 different mammal species. So chances are that you’ll see a lot of different animals, and with the help of our driver and tracker, we saw pretty much everything we came for. These guys, were just incredible, you have no idea, talking about finding a neddle in a haystack, they just tracked down the rhinos, elephants, lions etc. looking at the ground, and suddenly out of nowhere; “Hey Mr. Lion”. And some times so close, we could touch them if we wanted to (not that we did, remembering this is not a petting zoo) or even smell their kill.

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When you check into Pondoro everything is taken care of. Sarafi is not cheap, at least not if you want the full experience, you get what you pay for I think. Three amazing meals and two game drives everyday, with a limited time to nap in between. When you go on safari, you are there to see the animals, what else I guess.

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It was really a dream come through, for both of us, so if you are planning the big trip to visit South Africa I would HIGHLY recommend you book a couple of days on this beautiful luxury safari game lounge.

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— I was invited by Pondoro, which means they covered all expenses in relation to our stay, flights excluded —



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