The Best Shellfish Safari Experience You’ll Ever Have


Some of my most memorable travel experiences has been pretty unique moments in time, but still so unbelievably basic. Seeing the sun peek through the palm tree at Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Bali, swimming among dozens of sea turtles in Hawaii or that time having dinner in a tree house with my mom looking for elephants at a nearby lake in Krüger National Park in South Africa, just to name a few. Surely they seem more than basic, but for me it’s not about going all out on luxury hotels (which I do like, don’t get me wrong), but it comes down to experiences that just comes perfectly together almost by coincidence. I mean, no one could predict that I would walk along the beach that exact moment those sea turtles happened to be on shore as well.

Just two weeks ago I added one more to my list of out of this world experiences – I was invited for my third trip to Sweden with whisky brand Talisker to a culinary experience, so simple, yet so astounding. And here’s the best part – you can get this full experience too, just keep reading.

Imagine this: freshly caught oysters and warm fish soup on a tiny deserted island in the ocean of Fiskebäckskil, just north of Gothenburg, Sweden. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, that not all, but it’s part of Talisker and their Scandinavian Detours experience. The unique trip includes a one-night stay at the newly opened Slipens Hotel, dinner cooked with catch of the day followed by a whisky tasting. And of course, you’ll board a small fishing boat to fish for crabs, lobsters, and shrimps.

If you fancy a very unique shellfish safari this is your change. There are two dates, and two dates only; 28-29th Juni and 23-24th August and is ONLY 2.000 DKK per person. Book your seat around the table for this incredible and very unique experience at


Disclosure: I was invited, all expenses paid, to experience this trip by Talisker.

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