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It’s one of those Instagram accounts you just love at first sight, and as you start flipping through their feed, you eventually get the idea that it’s the account of a webshop – a shop where you basically just want to buy everything. The Future Kept is an online purveyor of well designed, durable, meticulously chosen goods for you to cherish and keep. I was extremely intrigued to get to know the people behind the screen, husband and wife, Jeska & Dean Hearne. Get to know the secret behind the gorgeously curated webshop and Instagram feed, things they cannot live without, and get their best advice if you are thinking about opening your own webshop.


Tell in short, what is the Future Kept?
The Future Kept is an online purveyor of well designed, durable, meticulously chosen goods for you to cherish and keep.

Nestled on the south coast of England, we design and carefully source items from independent designers, makers, artisans and entrepreneurs who are creating products that are better for our world, becoming part of your life story, forming an intimacy between you and your belongings.

And, who is Jeska & Dean Hearne?
We are Husband & Wife, adventure seekers, owners of two mischievous cats, and creators of The Future Kept.

What is your background?
Our backgrounds and experience is varied, collaborating and working in the fields of interior, graphic and product design, styling, and photography. Jeska has worked in everything from retail to banking (for a very short time!) and Dean mostly in the fields of design and photography. These days alongside running the store we mostly work on various Photography and Styling projects, spending as much of our time involved in a creative way of life.

What made you decide starting a webshop?
It started with a fascination and desire that we’ve both had for a long time, to seek out beautiful and useful items for life and the home that are made with love, thoughtfulness and detail. Items with timeless qualities created by people with a passion for what they do, and a care for the future of the world we live in.

How do you select what goes in the shop?
We have a kind of code that we stick to, so our offering has sustainable and ethical roots, and doesn’t get out of control. This also means we stick to our path and don’t get spirited away if something exciting but without longevity catches our eye. We have been lucky to meet so many wonderful makers online that we have approached or have reached out to us so that we may work together and we often wait until something feels right or we discover something magical on our travels


You also have a very successful Instagram @thefuturekept – How would you describe your style and work?
Thank you! We are both Photographers so obsess over details and aesthetics with any images we take, I think this is why we are drawn to Instagram most as a platform. It is such a wonderful, inspiring community to be part of. From the start we didn’t want it to feel like being on a ‘shop’ Instagram, The Future Kept is about more than just selling, we want it to be inspiring, thought provoking and a reflection of the life that we lead alongside the store itself.

What do you love most about your job?
Every day is different and we are in control of our own path. If the moment takes us and we want to go outside and take photos we can, if we feel like getting obsessed with the details on the site or something technical in the background we can, we can choose to work in a way that is the most creative and productive on any given day and that is what we love. Sure, it can be very busy, there is no time to switch off, and as we do everything between the two of us (even the accounts!) it can get quite overwhelming, but we wouldn’t change it.

What has been the greatest challenge being an entrepreneur?
Following on from above, time! haha. We do everything between just the two of us, photography, writing, packing, shipping, accounts, social media, e-mails, every single thing that happens or is seen from The Future Kept has been touched by one of us, and to us that is what makes it feel special, but also means a lot of time and energy needs to be spent on it. It is why we also love working on other freelance photography and styling projects outside of the store because this keeps our minds and vision fresh, collaboration fuels creativity as they say.


What advice would you give anyone thinking about starting a webshop?
Firstly, have a reason for doing it more than wanting to make money and just sell things. It makes the whole process more rewarding and will be your guiding motivation through the long days and nights. We are passionate and driven by promoting our message of Buy Less, Buy Better, we believe sharing this vision can make a real and honest difference to the world in which we live.

What has been your greatest achievement?
I wouldn’t say there was one in particular, but we are so grateful for how the store and vision for what we are doing has been received. It has brought us into contact with so many wonderful and inspiring people, we have forged new friendships, learnt so much along the way (oh, and also after working together day and night for this long, remaining married some might say is an achievement!)

What are your biggest regrets?
None really, we are not really believers in regrets as you can always learn from any situation regardless of the outcome.

Our home… ? (finish the sentence)
is always in progress…

What is your next project?
We are currently making plans to hopefully next year create a studio and space in the garden of our home, somewhere to gather and create. We also have a few maker collaborations in the works for next year that we are really excited about!

What do you dream about?
A shift in the way the world is, to be more focused on kindness and equality for nature, mankind and the planet.

What is the first thing you think about Monday morning?


If you could have dinner with any 3 people (dead or alive) who would it be?
Janis Joplin, Ricky Gervais and Ranulph Fiennes!

What country have you always dreamt about visiting?
Norway!! Looks so amazing, one day.

Favorite city?
Copenhagen or Amsterdam

Favorite hotel?
We are Airbnb-ers!!

Favorite design store?
We loved hanging out and lunching in Hutspot on Van Woustraat in Amsterdam

Three favorites from your own shop?
Ritual Ceramic Cup
Roam Camera Bag
Smokey Raw Crystal Ring

Greatest inspiration?
Mother Nature

Three things you cannot live without?
Fresh Air, Water, Wifi


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