The Guesthouse Vienna


The scene was set when I visited Vienna; the sun was shining from an almost blue sky this Sunday in October. It couldn’t be better … if it wasn’t for my driver, who was taking me through the streets to The Guesthouse Vienna, that is.

I have heard many hotels use the term “home away from home”, which frankly never is true; you always fell like you are in a hotel. Not many hotel rooms are seriously inviting enough for you to spend more time in there than necessary, but this time is actually was different. It might have something to do with the fact that Sir Terence Conrad had something to do with the design and interior of the hotel.



The 35 sqm (376sqft) room felt super spacious, even with a nice living room area, the king size bed and a huge marble bathroom with both bathtub and rainforest shower. Side note: love love loved the Molton Brown amenities and hand made soap from the soap manufactory Wolfgang Lederhaas – that to me is homey. I don’t want to shower in wash in some random all-purpose hair, body and hand wash thing, I certainly don’t do that at home. Biggest plus is the huge lounge window with plenty of space for you, your laptop, your phone, your coffee and your room service breakfast.

Also cudos to Mr. Conran and his team for the English take on Viennese design and for the choices of interior, I really appreciate hotels that use local furniture. The room featured classic furniture by modern Viennese masters, such as Wittman and Oswald Haerdtl.

All in all it truly is the perfect, modern, and a very good spot for a weekend getaway for two. Walk the streets of Vienna and cozy up in bed watching romantic fun movies all day.



— I was invited by The Guesthouse Vienna, which means they covered all expenses in relation to my stay —




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