The Kinfolk Artwork Series

Tbh I am not the biggest fan of Kinfolk, well to be fair, I am not the biggest fan of the magazine, however everything else they are doing I really enjoy, like their books and especially their latest project, the Kinfolk Artwork Series. It is three limited edition prints, showcasing what Kinfolk has become, sort of a translation of the magazine well known aesthetics, so while the magazines tends to end up in a pile, you can now enjoy a bit of the universe on your walls.

The first three artworks feature original photographs by Kinfolk contributors Andrea Gentl, Cecilie Jegsen and Danilo Scarpati. Though each work has been chosen by the Kinfolk team for its individual beauty, they are linked through their tactility, warm tones and strong graphics. I really like how they work individually, but also as a group, even without having an overall theme.

The series is available to purchase exclusively through

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