The Most Instagrammable Locations in Hong Kong

Very often I get messages about how much you guys enjoy following my many travels and for full disclosure I love exploring. Before every trip I research which areas and places I really want to see. Whether you are a blogger, photographer, tourist with a discerning eye, I am sure you’ll find the below recommendations helpful.

As you might remember, I went to Hong Kong back in May. Now it’s June, and in anticipation of my next travel adventure, I thought I would share my most instagrammable locations in Hong Kong! HKG is a concrete jungle with skyscrapers reaching very high all over the city, while temples, mountains and waterfront breaks it all up. The result is a city full of very cool spots for the perfect photo opportunity.

Equipped with good walking shoes you are ready to take in this magical city, below are some of my all-time favorite spots!

Expert tip: My best tip for any great selfie in any city, visit early. The more local your spot is the earlier you have to show up – beat the tourist.

The Choi Hung Estate, or the rainbow building, is a must visit and kind of a local icon. Its one of the oldest public housing estate in all of Hong Kong. Be prepare to see a lot of fellow Instagrammers and influencers on the top of the parking garage facing the rainbow façade. The colors of the building and the basketball court is just ideal.


At the roof of a parking facility by the Lok Wah South Estate you’ll find this beloved circular photo op. This blue-colored play area (or whatever its meant to be) calls for fun and playful photographs. Be prepared for a bit of a walk from the metro, and it’s a lot of stairs too. On the way you’ll find other fun places to photograph, like a basketball court with great skyscrapers in the background.


Graham Street is kind of one of those streets you either love or loathe. The reason is the mural by local graffiti artist Alex Croft, and it draws the attention of Instagrammers from all over the globe for the perfect #OOTD. To be honest, I hadn’t planned the visit, so my outfit is really not an #OOTD worthy.


The Sai Wan Swimming Shed is maybe the weirdest one on the list. It is literally only a pretty run-down swimming shed with a wooden pier. Carefully tucked away from the sprawl of nearby high-rise buildings, this gem offers a picturesque view of crashing waves and seaside views. Finding it can be a bit tricky but look for the long set of wonky stairs from the streets above. If the line is too long, just head down the path for another deserted building that will also make up for a great IG.


It might be touristy as hell, but that does not make it any less impressive. The Victoria Peak still offers one of the most beautiful views of the Victoria harbor. We took the old Peak tram up to the horrifying Sky Terrace, but quickly found the 5K path leading around the peak giving you stunning, uninterrupted views of the concrete jungle. Circa half way around, you’ll find a deserted house, which once definitely houses something amazing, now it’s almost swallowed by the forest, but making it perfect for a quick photo.


The Ten Thousand Buddha temple is a rather odd place and a fun place to go explore. The main temple on top and as you walk up you’ll pass, literally, 1000s of different golden Buddha statues. We went on a semi rainy day, so basically had it all to our self with only a few older ladies in the actual, very stunning, temple.


The Yick Cheong building is really something, it’s the many windows, levels, and colors that makes this building so interesting. It is definitely my favorite spot on the list. I encourage you to just stop and look up for a moment, it really shows how close (and I am guessing small) people live in this city.

Because of its popularity, signs have been set up with appeals to visitors to make sure to respect the privacy of the residents, as it is a private estate.


Hong Kong is a big city, but the metro system is amazingly easy to figure out, and very affordable. These spots are spread all over the city, so visiting all of them will also get you through some very cool areas, and definitely your typical touristy areas. If you do visit, please tag me in any of your photos so I can follow your travels too. Enjoy and have fun.


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