The Must-Have Material in 2017


The other day I was asked to give my predictions on interior trends in 2017. Of course this is extremely hard to predict, but there are a mini-trend happening now that definitely has the potential to grow into something real big. The one material we just cannot get enough of all ready – terracotta. So if you want to be on point, now is a good time to start looking for those terracotta elements for your interior. A new favorite is Stilleben’s design for Skagerak, the Edge vases, the shape and color is just perfect. Not too feminine, which I really find many vessels to be, and perfect alone or in a group and without flowers too.


Finding terracotta pieces are not easy yet, only a few design brands have started producing in the clay-based material – I am really looking forward to seeing more experiment with it. I would love to see sculptures and tiles, which would be perfect as a backdrop perfect in a black/wooden kitchen. Terracotta also looks great with all metals, both copper, brass and aluminium.

So my early prediction is definitely terracotta.




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