The Night That Flows

Toyota have been known for its sustainable approach to car driving for many years, the Prius was launched to the public already in 1997 and has been a favorite among the environmental conscious LA drivers ever since. It, or all other hybrids, never really made it big in Denmark, because of the high taxes, making the Prius more than double the price, as one would be in the US. Luckily Toyota is also making their smaller cars in Hybrid version – I have been testing both the new Yaris (more on that in a few weeks) and recently went to London to have a closer look on the futuristic CH-R. Not a small car really, but very different from everything else in its class.

This is car that is not only revolutionary in its design, but it drives perfectly in the city, high on extra gear and with a high safety level. You actually get a lot for your money. It surely is an interesting car, and if you don’t care as much about high speeds and acceleration, but rather want to get as much out of your tank as possible, this is very good car.

In London, Toyota teamed up with Mila Jovovich and a bunch of other cool names to showcase how the CH-R just flows into the night. It was very fun and creative way of showing of a car. But instead of me rambling on about the event, you should press play below to watch the super cool video.


I was invited by Toyota, which means they covered all expenses in relation to my trip to London. All pictures are taken by me when testing the CH-R in March. 

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