The Only 3 Tips You Need For A Quick Afternoon Home Makeover

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Of all the days, today was the day I decided to shelves and windows needed a makeover… Now I just ask myself, why? Why today? Do you ever start a project like this, and halfway through you just want to open a window and throw everything out and be done with it?! Well, that’s sort of the feeling I have now. I am kind of done, at least with the fun part, restyled all my Edge pots by Skagerak, placed everything where I want it to be, problem now is just, that I have like 2000 things still standing on my dining table, which I have no idea where to put.

Question is, is there such a thing as a quick makeover? Sure, with just a few tricks, you should be able to give your living room (or any other room for that matter) a new look in minutes… okay, lets say an hour, tops!

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01. Race The Clock: Just like when I clean, and go to the gym, I use the “timer method” when re-styling, mainly because I easily get distracted. Set a timer for 30 minutes. It’s not long, but long enough to get a chunk of work done before resetting the timer. If the timer goes off and you find yourself distracted, that’s your warning to get back to work! For a quick makeover, give yourself 30 minutes for the actual makeover and 30 minutes for clearing out everything you don’t need anymore.

02. Rearrange: You really don’t need to start with a clean canvas. Just rearrange each window, one at the time. Maybe you’ll add some, maybe you need to remove something, but just rearranging your pots will do big wonders.

03. Cheating Yourself For Results: You are running on your last energy, yet you get the 4 out of 5 windows done – now say out loud: “Great work, I wonder how nice it would be with all 5 done”, and before you know it, you have 5 rearranged windows. So the trick is thus to cheat yourself for more and greater results.

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