The Only 5 Bathroom Essentials You’ll Need


There is one room I very rarely talk about, the bathroom. The reason is pretty simple really, I really hate the bathroom in my apartment, it is so generic and the layout is so poorly done. The actually size is great, but if there is one room that is overlooked here in Scandinavia, it’s definitely the bathroom. Many are just kept so basic, white on white. Okay, there is another reason, believe or not, I am the biggest hoarder when it comes to bathroom supplies, whenever I see my shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste (well, anything you could imagine needing in the bathroom) I buy, like we were heading into war. In other words, it tends to get overstuffed. I actually read somewhere that according to a recent study 71% of American couples have actually argued over a bathroom-related issue (such as hogging storage space, not tidying up and not replacing toiletries) – well good thing I still have my own bathroom or a third world war might have erupted. I swear the amount of products I have on the counter seams to multiply every time I step in there. I have decided I wanted a fresh start, so I have cleared out my closets and from now on, I am committed to keep in to only the absolute essentials.

01. Hand Wash & Lotion
Sometimes I am all for solid soap bars and other times its liquid hand wash. Currently I have a crush on Danish Nuori. All made fresh in beautiful and simple containers. Their hand wash and hand lotion goes hand in hand, and really keeps my beat up hands (from Crossfit) happy.

I wrote a smaller feature on Nuori about a year ago here.



02. Towels
I am all for that little extra, maybe it’s from all the travelling I have done these past years, but I like the small towels. It gives the bathroom that little extra hotel vibe – add to that vibe by lighting a scented candle when you have guests.

Towels from Semibasic // Scented candle from Copenhagen Candle Lab

03.Toothbrush & Toothpaste
I am firm believer in the electric toothbrush – at least I haven’t had a single cavity since I got my first on in my 20s. The trick is, like everything else in the bathroom really, to keep it clean, it won’t give you less cavities, but there is nothing grosser than a dirty toothbrush. And don’t ever, as in EVER, leave it out (I only had mine out for show), the amount of germs flowing around in the bathroom… yeah, you don’t want them in your mouth.

Toothpaste can be a tricky business. I am really concerned about the amount of things they add to toothpaste these days, micro plastics for one, so I have been trying to find one that works without filling my mouth and the earth with bad things. This one is at least Paraben-free, triclosan-free, formaldehyde donor preservative-free!

Toothbrush from Philips // Toothpaste from Pasta del Capitano


04. Mouthwash
After any meal or before I am out for meetings, I like to ensure an impeccable oral hygiene. My go to is the Aesop mouthwash, loving the bottle of course, but the taste of anise and spearmint is right on point and not so clinical as others.

I tend to have a summer and a winter scent. Right now I really love Acqua Di Parma Colonia Ezzenza, a citrus-scented, woody fragrance with a strong personality – just like me! Anyway, I like it.




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