The Perfectly Serene & Secluded One-Bedroom B&B in Skåne, Sweden

Summer is here. Normally that would also entail a holiday coming up, but with boarder across Europe and the world for that matter, planning anything is pretty hard. I am quite content just staying home and enjoy my balcony, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to get away from it all and leave the world behind – just for a short moment. And with the news of the TypeO Loft opening for business, I am ready to pack my bags and head for the secluded one-room bed and breakfast in Skåne, Sweden.

In a remote part of southern Sweden, as part of an 1842 traditional farmstead, the TypeO Loft looks like it will give you space to slow down, do nothing (unless you feel like it) and simply just be in the moment staring out of that captivating floor-to-ceiling window. Better than any digital screen.

Serene, strict lines and minimalist design of the bedroom with a Dux bed connects perfectly to the warm, elegant tone of the ash and the grey limestone in the kitchen by Nordiska Kök – all with great timeless Scandinavian design in mind.

The living room section is decorated with Ligne Rosets classic Togo sofa, upholstered in black leather that picks up the black details from the kitchen, accompanied by a Noguchi table in the same tone as The Lofts original wooden details.

With so much happening in the world these days, it feels like there is not a single moment where you have to relate to something heartbreaking news. Silence. Serenity. Peace of mind. Sounds like exactly what I need.

Photography by Mike Karlsson Lundgren

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