The Photographer’s Perfectly Liveable New Yorker Apartment You Want to Copy

I am probably not alone in finding myself spending hours scrolling through Instagram liking endless pictures of perfect interiors that very often seem so unobtainable anyway. A while back I read a very interesting article on how many people are getting feed up with everything being presented so perfect all the time. While the focus of the article was mostly about the fashion influncers, I wonder if it will translate to interior as well. I at least find it more and more uninspiring to look at peoples perfect homes with clean white surfaces, white marble kitchens and very often no personality. I am not saying that I want to see people dirty laundry lying on the bed or yesterdays dishes still on the counter, I just want more of the people behind the camera. I want to know how they actually live, the thought process why they live as they live and some human-like content as well – if that even make any sense?

Anyway. Luckily there are people Nick Glimenakis. A New York based photographer, who shoots many of those unobtainable interiors for magazines, but also shares pictures from his own super cool 500-square-foot (47 sqm). His space is perfectly balanced with contemporary design and while it is of course styled for the photos, I still firmly believe that this is how he actually lives.

I really enjoy his style, a very neutral color palette, but still with enough warmth to make it real cozy, like that gorgeous burnt sienna couch. I also really love how he has managed to layout the smaller apartment, especially with that corner wall-hanging desk – and I have no other words for the chair that WOW. How he even managed to fit in the three-armed floor Serge Mouille lamp in the corner is beyond.

Nick’s home really reflects how I want to see interior pictures these days, perfectly livable. Pictures where you feel like it’s a proper home. If you don’t already follow Nick on Instagram, go… now! Make sure to also keep up with his stories, once a week he shares a bunch of his saved photos from other peoples feed, so inspirational.

*** Photography and courtesy by Nick Glimenakis

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    May 17, 2019 at 10:47

    Such a great place, and I know exactly what you mean, somebody lives here and in many other home storys there is no story to find , just rooms without any items of the people, and this it what makes a room interesting. Maybe you know “Freunde von Freunden” there you can find this more “living spaces”, too.
    Greetings Kathrin

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      May 21, 2019 at 22:10

      Thank you so much. I love these home storys where you get a look inside a real home where not everything is super perfect. Thank you for the tip, know them well.

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