The Sale of An Icon


It’s really no secret, I love Los Angeles and I love the architecture you find all over the city. I mean Los Angeles is full of fantastic residential architecture in styles running all over from Spanish Colonial Revival to Streamline Modern. But the Modernist Case Study Houses, sponsored by Arts & Architecture and designed between the mid-1940s and mid-1960s, are both native to SoCal and particularly emblematic of the region. Check out my feature and my visit in the Stahl House.

The CSHes were intended to be relatively affordable, replicable houses for post-World War II family living, with an emphasis on “new materials and new techniques in house construction,” as the magazine’s program intro put it. Architects involved included the still-widely-remembered (Charles Eames, Richard Neutra) and the known-only-to-archinerds (JR Davidson, Thornton Abell & Pierre Koenig).

It is very rare that we get a look inside the house, as most is privately owned these days, or just don’t exist anymore. However, one of the most famous houses in Los Angeles, and acknowledged world-wide as a seminal modernist single home design, Case Study House #21 is arguably Pierre Koenig’s greatest steel frame design and is on the market for sale, so our chance to get a look inside.






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