The sky of Cape Town

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Little is known of the history of the region’s first residents, since there is no written history from the area before it was first mentioned by a Portuguese explorer in 1486. Vasco da Gama recorded a sighting of the Cape of Good Hope in 1497. In the late 16th century, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch and English ships regularly stopped over in Table Bay en route to the Indies.

No matter where you are in Cape Town you will always see a mountain and you can be on the beach in just a short drive. The colours are so colourful, very symbolic and almost synonymous to the very multicultural city, ranging from the mountains and the flora and fauna to the city architecture to the people.

Every night the sky puts on a new show from the early fades to the actual explosion of sky as the sun sets in the horizon.

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Photos © Allan Torp,

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