The Sleek Stereo That Will Have Me Dancing Like Nobody’s Watching All Summer

Let the music play! Growing up I could spend hours and hours listening to music, back in the 90s there was no Spotify, no streaming, no Internet. We listening to music on CDs. I think I got my first stereo with built-in CD player shortly after I turned 12, I bought it with my hard-earned paperboy money. In my late teenage years, I started collecting singles, you know those single-track CDs with the same song playing over and over again, maybe mixed in different ways.

So, it definitely brought back so many memories when I found my CD collection, or what’s left of it, a few weeks ago. When streaming became a thing, I got rid of most of my CDs, but saved about 100 of them, because you never know… flipping through certainly is fun. I have teamed up with Denon, so I could start going through my collection one by one reminiscing about the good old days – and be reminded how weird my taste in music was (is!). I am not going to lie; I do like my pop/dance music.

What I really love about Denon’s CEOL with the Definitive Technology speakers is that it not only looks super sleek and cool, it plays both CDs, stream music from you streaming accounts, internet radio via TuneIn – and even good old FM and AM radio. In other words, pretty much everything. Another cool feature of the CEOL is the built-in wireless multiroom sound. That means that I can listen to the same Spice Girls (I told you it was/is kind of weird) track both on my CEOL stereo and on my wireless Denon HEOS 1 speaker that I have in my kitchen (or wherever). Or I could stream one track to my CEOL and a different one to my HEOS 3. All controlled by the cool Denon HEOS app on my phone. Super easy and convenient. I couldn’t do back in 1996 when I was 16.

It is always a though choice when it comes to sound and music I think, which aspect do you want to compromise. Sound? Appearance? Accessibility? For me, with the CEOL stereo I get something I’ve been missing – the CD player. And yes, I know, I can probably find most via streaming, but certainly not all, some of the artists is just not known enough. And quite frankly there is something very cool about actual putting on a CD and listening to the entire thing, from start to finish. I’ve grown so accustom to just skip if I don’t like the song. Appearance is of course always a matter of taste, but I really like the look of this one – and maybe even more so, the speakers.

If you are interested, you can get your own Denon CEOL stereo with speakers in your local HiFi Klubben.

I am really so excited to just play all my favorite tracks from the 90ies all summer – and just dance like nobody’s is watching.

 Paid partnership with Denon. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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