The Small Urban Kitchen


I am pretty lucky to have a bigger kitchen, but in my previous apartment, it was all about the small urban kitchen where every inch of the room had to be cleverly used. Many people living in greater cities around the world don’t have the luxury to think big kitchen dreams, but luckily these days, you don’t have to compromise on your dream kitchen. Dream kitchen can without a doubt be fulfilled in smaller spaces.

Recently I visited HTH, which really have thought about a lot of details that will optimize the space in a smaller kitchen, making it a perfect food prep temple.


One of my favourite ideas is the HTH Magic Move. Big or small, in a kitchen you need all the cupboard space you can get. I am not a huge fan of the top cupboards, but they are indeed a necessity, often though, the cupboard are just to high up and you are unable to get or see what you have in the back. Magic Move takes care of that problem; you narrow the cupboard and install an automatic hidden “drawer” for optimal easy access storage.

HTH’s TableID is also a great storage with extra built in workspace. It’s a wall handing fold out table, when folded away doesn’t take up much space and within a few second is transformed into a smaller dinner table or extra workspace. It even comes with additional storage for a few glasses and plates.



I really want to encourage you to rethink the white kitchen if you are thinking about a new kitchen. I know it looks nice, but also super boring. I am not saying that you should pick a red or orange 70’s kitchen, but a grey kitchen with a stone or wooden counter top – just saying! And if you imagination cannot go beyond the white kitchen, then at least spice it up with a stone counter top instead of that white laminate one.




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