The Ultimate Mother’s Day Design Guide

Guilty, I haven’t always been super inventive when it comes to honouring my mom on mother’s day. However, I think I do a pretty good job most of the year. My mom is my rock and I would pretty much do everything for her. The last couple of years we have been traveling together and we talk on the phone very often. Anyway, this post wasn’t suppose to by about me and my mom, but a guide to what you should get your mom for Mother’s Day May 8th.

Whether you’re treating her to a day at the spa, a huge bucket of flowers, or a home-cooked meal, Mother’s Day is all about spoiling the special women in your life in the best way possible!



01. Gorgeous hideaway

Any mom needs a place for her small things, whether it being her favourite everyday jewellery on the nightstand or keys in the hallway, the new Peak bonbonniere from Stelton is gorgeous no matter where it is put.


02. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Framed is a new perspective to the classic framed mirror by Muuto; it is a decorative design piece that leads your thoughts to installation art. It adds not only the functionality of a mirror, but with its depth, organic shape and tone-in-tone colour, it is almost perceived as an art object on the wall.



03. A selfie in a frame

There is no excuse in these technology times, not to have a great photo of yourself. With your phone you can easily take a great selfie or get someone to snap a few of you. Any mom would appreciate to hang a resent photo of her kid(s) on the wall, to get a reminder of you everyday I am sure. Hang the photo in one of the nice frames by Moebe, which makes it easy to update your photo year after year.



04. Flowers & Form

It might be cliché, but most women do love flowers. If you do go for the simplest solution of them all, at least do bring a beautiful vase with the flowers. The new Form vase by Lyngby porcelain is just so elegant and simple. I absolutely love the black glass version.


Bungalow5_Kurhotel Skodsborg_12

05. Pampering and a day off

Time. I think that any mom would love more time with there kids, no matter how old you are. So why not spent a day or an afternoon together. Start with lunch, then a massage followed by pampering in the beautiful and relaxing spa area at Skodsborg. Wrapped in cotton robes you’ll have plenty of time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.


Pictures: September Edit & PR.

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