The Vintage Trend I am Suddenly Finding Myself Embracing HARD

Honestly, I didn’t see myself embrace this design trend, but sometimes I guess you have to surprise yourself to evolve right? Lately I have found myself hunting for vintage oil paint portraits. Not only is it an easy way to bring in a bit of color in the interior (they were not afraid of using a lot of color in portraits back in the day it seems), but it is also a great way to add something a bit more quirky than say an abstract print.

So, does that mean I too should start looking to grab some random portraits? My answer is, yes. And when you start noticing cool people Athena Calderone have a few around their home, it means it is seriously cool. And if they say it’s cool, I’m definitely all about it too.

I just hung this blue shirted boy in my bedroom. His shirt goes well with the blue wall I painted last year.

I have always been drawn to portraits, wondering what the story is behind the person. What made them so special that the painter wanted them to sit for them. There is also some almost regal about them, I think. Back in the day, like way WAY back, you had to be royal or pretty close to have your portraits painted right.

I know I have shared with you guys that I have recently started loving more vintage in my own home too, but it is still 99% new modern pieces and even so, I think the oil portraits work just fine. But as everything else, don’t overdo it. One or two is just enough, you do not want to make your living room look like your grandparents (no offence). Just mix it in with all the other cool objects you have – hang one alone or within a group of modern pieces.

What do you think? Is dusty old vintage oil painting something you would consider hanging on your walls?

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    April 8, 2020 at 11:34

    That last picture is more like the ones I talked about Boffie using a lot Like it!

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