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These Danish Design Stools Will Make You Want to Hang at the Bar

Happy new week, guys. Are you ready for Easter? One thing is for sure, we will all remember this exact Easter for the rest of our lives. How many Easter weekends do you remember? My guess is not a single one. I am trying to occupy myself as much as possible, so I don’t end up binging Tiger King or worse all the time.

I have slowly started to think about which pieces I want to bring to LA from my Copenhagen apartment when I do move. The plan, pre-covid19, was to move this summer, but my best bet now is end of summer. Shipping things to LA is not cheap and as most of my stuff is new, only a few pieces are vintage, it is cheaper to sell the pieces here in Denmark and rebuy them in LA. Most of the things I really want to bring can fit in a suitcase, so I will just make Mr. LA fly back and forth with 5 suitcases.

As we also have started a new home in LA together there is no point in bringing stuff over that will just clutter up the space. I only want to bring over stuff that we really both like and love. In January, on his last visit to Copenhagen, I made him bring over two barstools designed by Jørgen Bækmark. The initial idea was to bring the up to the cabin for a makeover, but for now, they look great at the house.

The stools were created by Jørgen Bækmark for FDB Møbler to celebrate his own 90th birthday and as homage to his own iconic weaved 1960s chairs J80 and J81. The stools are all oak from FSC certified European wood. I really love the unique weaving on the new stools.

I like having a spot to have guests or Mr. LA hang out when I cook. Truth be told, I am a pretty decent chef. And while I do not like anyone else around me in the actual kitchen when I cook, I do enjoy the company… from a distance.

All photography by Allan Torp

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