Things To Come Trend 2018: Industrial Shiny Scandinavian

Let’s continue our quest for new trends of 2018. While metallic aren’t new in décor, shinier metals are back. As I highlighted yesterday, the 70s will be big and everything associated with the era. Metal constructed furniture can often seem as small airy art pieces and will be on point this year. Silver and chrome pieces are also a good place to start; look for sculptural vases and lamps.

Metals in combination with drawings and a random mix of decorative and odd objects set the scene giving it a sense of workshop and creative studio space. Old acquaintances and classics will be seen in new light, maybe its time to give some of your furniture new life with new upholstery, a very simple way to get a new look without having to buy new pieces. Reuse and zero waste are big buzzwords.

Combine your metals and drawings with wood and glass objects to get a minimalistic aesthetic Scandinavian feeling with focus on simplicity, straight lines and slowing down.

Key words: Industrial, Updated classics, Repurpose, Metallic.

// Photos Montana, Menu, Kristina Dam Studio, Elisabeth Heier, Kristina Krogh, The Poster Club

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