Things To Come Trend 2018: New Conscious Nature

Happy New Year. I am going to try something new this year, and not make any resolutions, if that is wise I do not know, as I actually do like setting goals for myself, but I think I am going to continue on the path I have laid out for myself these past 6 months. Work smart. Work intentionally. Be mindful and manage my time better. On that note, I want to look ahead. I had planned to look back on some of the best posts from 2017, but instead, I am going to jump right into my yearly predictions on what you should keep, what to get and what I think will be trending in 2018.

Does it mean that everything will change in 2018? Probably not. A lot of what we have seen in 2017 will of course continue into the new year, but new trends will be added. Overall you can definitely say that it will be more about quality, about making an effort and about honesty and substance. About living and consuming even more conscious. Chose less and with more consideration.

If you think you have heard about the simpler and smarter living trend before, it’s because I said the same thing last year about 2017. It is time to tone it down; we have been talking about adding more colors, which is somewhat true. You might even think is it 2018 or 1971? The Scandinavian style is evolving into including heritage fabrics, and distinctly 1970s in color palette and texture. More brown, coral, delicate turquoise, and mustard. And then, also as I have pointed out before, we simply cannot get enough of terracotta and clay sculptures and accessories.

Key words: Zero Waste, Home Gallery, New Nature, Tone Down.

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