This Couch Shape is Soft, Round, and Curvylious

The new year and decade welcome a new couch shape – one we haven’t seen since the sexy 70s. And I am here for it. As you might have noticed curves are in, not only when talking about body image, but certainly also when it comes to interior. Straight lines and sharp corners will be swapped out with soft, round, and curvy shapes.

Couch by Ferm Living

For years the fashion industry lead by a generation z demanding that we are who we are and there is absolutely no shame in having a perfectly normal and healthy body. And while this might sound strange it has also led to interiors getting a curvier look.

Couches by Fogia & Pierre Paulin

The curvy couches will make you rethink you interior, as you won’t have to have your couch pushed all the way against the walls. Another great point is that the comfort got a little push as well, the round forms simply hugs and follows your body more so than a straight couch.

Seriously, you should go try, it actually does feel like you get a warm gentle hug.

What’s not to love, right?

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    Nadeem Akram
    March 9, 2020 at 17:14

    I think, the contemporary couch is sure to grab attention by virtue of its wide spectrum of colors. High-tech and creative types would love something like this in their studio/office. This sofa that looks like a rug is a great design, and I don’t know how nobody thought of it before.

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