This Curvy Chair Is the Highlight of Today’s Despair

Waking up to a country on lockdown seems odd, I tell you that. And pretty much every minute a new email pops up with a cancellation of an event, fair, or a brand telling us that they will be working from home the next 2 weeks. Instead of focusing and thinking about all the cancelled jobs, and even worse, the unknown factor of not knowing when I will be seeing Mr. LA again, I will keep sharing interior design news.

Okay, so moving on. I was happy to see the blue curvy chairs from Choice at Casa Perfect in Los Angeles – and has pretty much been on my mind since. I call it the highlight of my spring – and now pandemic despair.

Kolho, as the chair is called, might have been released at last year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, but nevertheless, I am not ashamed of saying: it still rocks my world right now. And I might have to add it to my growing chair collection. In fact, I think it would look pretty neat at my LA office, don’t you?

The funny thing is, kolho, being a small town in Finland, but also a word that might elude a proper definition in English. However, it can best be described as meaning vacant; hollow or even creepy, which seems too much and almost fitting on a day like today.

The chair is not the only piece in the Kolho collection, there are a lounge chair, a two-seater, and two tables -all designed by Matthew Day Jackson.

Below a few of Choice’s other pieces. Don’t you just love the almost whimsical furniture, it really makes one smile.  

Photography by Mikael Pettersson, styling by Minna Jones

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