This Seriously Cool Fabric is Knocking Velour off it’s Throne

Despite the fact that we only get small hints of a seasonal shift in the air, my recent visit to Stockholm made certain that some décor trends is so last season. You can blame it on the almost daily gray skies, the cold-to-the-bone temps, and whatever ghastly winter condition you can think of, but we’re all dreaming of a change of scenery. I even, as I share this AM on Instagram, woke up at 1:30am craving for changes, so instead of turning, I got up to rearrange my living room. Simply put, we’re not waiting until the first day of spring to embrace the new trends, adopt new textures, and transform our spaces. I can’t even wait until the morning apparently.

I get it, velour make any piece of furniture look so inviting, and I have been one of those people obsessed with the soft textile, but not anymore. I have seen it used so much that I am now craving for something even grander and soothing for the eye – and skin! And I am not alone. Many Scandinavian brands have also realized that velour is over … so what is this new wonder textile I am ranting about. Well, it’s called bouclé, spun by a bouclé wool and viscose fabric, inspired by precious astrakhan fur. The textile is bulky, yet extremely comfortable with a soft hand-feel and very pleasing for the eye.

I really love seeing how this bouclé textile breathes new life into the décor and any piece its being wrapped around. It goes perfect with the maximalism meets minimalism trend of 2019. The furniture gets a 70ies vibe meets fresh modern 2019, it’s fresh and full of personality.

Not convinced, keep scrolling and check out all these amazing pieces, I am sure you’ll be seriously drooling by the end of this post.


Norr11 // New Wave is a minimal sofa design inspired by Danish sofas from the 50’s. It’s a pretty simple, not evolutionary sofa if you ask me, but the bouclé textile elevates it to a whole new level.


Menu // Offset is the result of research into ‘balance’ by Norm Architects. And as always, everything that comes of the Norm Architects drawing board is a success… or is it the bouclé textile that makes it so appealing?


&tradition // Since the relaunch of Viggo Boesen’s Little Petra it’s been a design darling. While the dream would be the sheep version – I mean nothing beats the softness of sheepskin – the bouclé version just makes it so much more modern in my opinion.


New Works // I feel in love with the Mass Daybed in Stockholm, it just exudes sophistication, the combination of bouclé and walnut is simple and honest.


Gubi // Legendary French designer Pierre Paulin originally designed the Pacha Chair in 1975. And even in a modern setup I think this lounger works. It certainly brings some cool factor.


Ferm Living // Of course ferm living had to launch their first sofa collection in bouclé. The sturdy curvy frame contrasted by the classic bouclé fabric gives it a feminine and majestic-like expression



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