Thoughts on Instagram and meeting new people

I just said goodbye to a new very good friend that I actually met through Instagram. This made me think about how amazing this little app truly is and I only just reached 17K followers.

Sheila reached out about a year ago, as she had just moved to Copenhagen and knew absolutely no one. I gladly accepted and met her for a coffee in Nørrebro. We chatted for hours, like we had been friends for years – and laughed even more. Sheila had to leave, because she is not Danish, she is from Canada and had to go back as her work permit ran out. Luckily we have just planned a trip to Los Angeles in February and I am pretty sure I will see her back in Copenhagen next summer.

Up until I met Sheila, I had only met a few others. I participated in one of the first Instawalks in Copenhagen where I ran into one of the originators, Thomas. I later invited him along with other guys from Instagram for coffees and more walks, today we meet on occasions to solve the world’s problems and take photos of the city.

I have even travelled with two people I met through Instagram, Nana and Morten. Nana and I went to Dubai not long ago and Morten came with me to Cape Town to shoot a feature for Copenhagen Food.

I am amazed about how this little app, have changed not only my life, but lives of so many people. How its helps building friendships – I mean, they just made it even easier with the DM thing. Here I am today, sitting in Cape Town and I have just planned to go on a hike with a dude I have never met, all because he takes amazing photos and probably knows all the secret spots in town.

So now tell me – what is your coolest moment with Instagram?

Ps. If you want to see pictures from Cape Town and you don’t already follow me, you can do so here. I also joined Snapchat, if you want more live on-the-go snaps: @allantorpdk


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