Three Copenhagen Instagramers take you through the city

Admire and explore some of the many great street and secret locations of Copenhagen with some of the best phographers, who is roaming the streets every day.

Not since I really started using Instagram, have I walked around my own city as much as I do now. I just love to walk everywhere; this makes it so much easier to really explore places I have passed over and over again on my bike, rushing somewhere. Walking is something I have learned by some of my new found Insta friends. I can spend hours scrolling through their feeds to find new places I didn’t know of, which I just need to see for myself.

Rather is it Magstræde, Mirabella or a puddlegram, these Instagramers help us all appricaite Copenhagen just a tiny bit more every day. Here’s a selection of the best of them. If you want to find the next place for coffee, the best view of the city or watch the sunsets over 8tallet, it’s time to tap “follow” now.



Catching the perfect place in the perfect light can often be tricky, especially when it is dark most of the time in Copenhagen this time of year. Mr. Dennis Skyum is the master of long exposure. He captures cars, people and even went through Tivoli on a gloomy night – his pictures almost make me want to jump on one of the crazy rides. Almost!




Mr. Early bird, Mr. Coffee lover, this Mr. could go under many different name, however Mr. Simon Larsen is the go to feed if you need a new place to get your coffee fix. He surely does love his morning coffee and captures the best Copenhagen coffee places in such a manner that you just want to follow his footsteps.




Mr. Thomas Søndergaard is normally all about black and white photos, but once in awhile you’ll see a colourful image in his feed. He call himself a “Pedestrian Copenhager” and you will hardly see him snap any photos. He is a sneaky little thing with his phone when securing his images full of life and people.

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